Memorial Day 2021

This weekend we honor and remember those who gave their lives in service to our nation.  Memorial Day began just after the Civil War when families decorated the graves of soldiers from both sides of the conflict.  About 620,000 soldiers died while serving during the Civil War.  The population of the United States was about one tenth of what it is today.  Thus, in terms of today’s population, that is the equivalent of more than six million deaths.

About ten years ago, Gold Star mother Diane Layfield explained to me why, year after year, she would painfully recount the story of her son’s valiant sacrifice.  She told me about an old saying.  “Warriors die twice.  Once on the battlefield and once again when they are finally forgotten.” As we anticipate a joyous summer, let us pause to remember our blessings especially those borne by the ultimate sacrifice of our service members.

Lance Corporal Travis Layfield was killed on April 6, 2004 while serving with the United States Marine Corps in Iraq.

- Douglas Miller, Central Committee Member, AD16


Special Election AD 18 - 6/29/2021

Stephen Slauson is running for State Assembly Member in AD18 in the Special Election in June (Tuesday 6/29/2021).   He is the ONLY Republican running against six Democrats.   This is one of those rare instances where a Republican has a chance to succeed.  The ACGOP has not yet endorsed him (I just found out today myself).   So, this is my PERSONAL encouragement for AD18 voters. 

- Harry Briley, Central Committee Member, AD16


Republicans, Freedom and Covid Vaccinations

The Republican Party is the party of freedom.  People should be free to make their own choices with their lives.  Law-abiding citizens should be able to own guns.  Business owners should be able to run their businesses as they decide.  Of course, this freedom principle has two corollaries:  First, my freedom is not the right to infringe your freedom.  Second, choices have consequences.  I am free to smoke cigarettes, but not to poison you with them.  I can overeat or gamble, but can’t blame you if I get fat or broke.

Covid is dangerous, even deadly.  Worst of all, it can be spread unknowingly.  Getting vaccinated is patriotic and an exercise in good citizenship, and makes it easier for all Americans to enjoy the lives we want.  Since no vaccine is 100% effective, vaccinated people should have the freedom to enjoy the benefits of vaccinations—such as eating, drinking and attending functions, indoors and outdoors, without masks or social distancing—without being potentially harmed by those who exercise their freedom to be unvaccinated.

And yet there are some--even my fellow Republicans—who believe they should be free to not get a Covid-19 vaccination, and still do the same things as the vaccinated.  I respectfully urge them to reconsider.

- David Rosenthal, Central Committee Member, AD15


City Councils to fly LGBTQIA+ flag all June

City Councils throughout Alameda County plan to fly the LGBQTIA+ flag all June (one new Livermore council member asked that it be in perpetuity). The flag decision for Livermore is likely to be on May 24 Monday 7pm.  Write out your thoughts to fit within three (3) minutes (write out in advance to help you stay on track). Only in-person and Zoom public comments affect a City Council.  Check your own city clerk web site for this pre-June agenda item (if not already voted upon) and for mechanics on how to speak your message to your local City Council.

City Councils WILL vote for this unless they get a negative public reaction. - Harry Briley, Central Committee Member, AD16


Border Outrage Spreading - Funds sought

According to The Washington Post, ICE removed fewer than 3,000 criminal illegal aliens in April 2021. This is the lowest monthly enforcement number since the department began keeping records 200,000 illegals crossed the Border in March alone and these illegals come from over 70 countries round the world.  And worse, thousands of Migrants, Including these criminals and the Covid infected are being BUSED and FLOWN all over the USA DAILY at Taxpayer expense, as this CIS report indicates.

Among those Californians sponsoring one or more Amnesty bills are Reps. Ted Lieu,(CA-33rd) Senator Alex Padilla,(CA) Reps. Raul Ruiz,(CA-36th)  Juan Vargas,(CA-51st) Barbara Lee,(CA-13th)  Tony Cárdenas,(CA-29th)  Reps Grace Napolitano,(CA-32nd)  Ro Khanna,(CA-17th) and Sara Jacobs,(CA-53rd)

Fortunately CCN and our ASAP! Coalition allies with Activists in nearly all states! is leading the growing opposition to this outrage.  A Generous Major Donor is going to match all Donations from existing Donors up to $5000.

- David Durham, AD15 Central Committee member