Urge Governor Newsom to veto SB 27

Even Jerry Brown vetoed this dumb California bill, and Gavin Newsom should too

Contact Governor Newsom today, and urge him to veto SB 27, referred to as the, "Presidential Tax Transparency Act and Accountability Act". It would require presdential candidates to release their tax returns if they want to appear on the ballot in California. Note that neither candidates for the US House of Representatives, like Nancy Pelosi, nor candidates for the US Senate, like Diane Feinstein would have to divulge their tax returns.

The phone number for the Governor's office is:

(916) 445-2841

Or go to the following website and contact the Governor:


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SB-419 Lets Students Willfully Defy Their Teachers

California could soon ban schools from suspending ‘unruly’ students

This bill will prevent Teachers from suspending defiant students.  Students can be disruptive and refuse to work without consequences.  According to this bill, Teachers still can remove disruptive students.  However, many Administrators and office staff will send the students back to the classroom. These students will have a very hard time in the world of work as employers will not put up with disrespect and disruptive behavior. It is in the students’ best interest, (especially minority students and students with disabilities) to learn in a structured environment. Also, students should be encouraged to show proper respect to Teachers.

Please write letters to the editors, call your legislators, contact parent groups and go to school board meetings.  We absolutely have to stop this.  If students can be defiant and disobediant and refuse to follow instruction, they are not learning the life skills they are going to need to work in life.


Warren 1/2020th

This is Government Open

This is the government open. You see the pace, everything they’re achieving, the feverish pace. Look at all that work going on! You can imagine, we can’t shut that down. NOOO! What will happen?

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Lump of Coal for Democrat Rep. Swalwell

Recent MoveOn.org straw poll is a lump of coal in the Christmas stocking for our least favorite son, Eric Swalwell.

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