Eliminate Inferior Ranked-Choice Voting in California

Resolution CAGOP-2023.  The California Republican Party Convention on March 12, 2023 resolved:


  • After more than a decade the Ranked-Choice Voting experiment has failed nationally causing much voter frustration and disenfranchisement and cannot be ignored any longer; and 
  • The full negative effects of voter disenfranchisement caused by the use of Ranked-Choice Voting is immeasurable; and
  • Hundreds of municipalities and counties nationally, including in California, have wasted millions of dollars to educate the public in how Ranked-Choice Voting works, yet they continue to experience an unacceptable and very high rate of ballot errors again and again; and
  • The Ranked-Choice Voting process has not fully met the fundamental right of “one-person one-vote” in that a very high rate of what is called “exhausted ballots” is always present, which means many votes are not counted within the final tabulation in determining the winner; and
  • The Ranked-Choice Voting process always has what are called “suspended ballots”, which adds to the confusion surrounded by the process causing those votes to not be counted; and
  • Iin California with the most recent fiasco found in the Oakland, Alameda County for the November 8, 2022 races where numerous errors were noted causing several elections after their certification to undergo costly corrections, which included the overturning of the results for the City of Oakland, Oakland Unified School District, District #4 and now costly legal suits are pending; and
  • The Republican National Committee (RNC) meeting in Dana Point, California on January 27, 2023 rejected Ranked-Choice Voting because it increases election distrust, voter suppression, and disenfranchisement, eliminates the historic political party system, and put elections in the hands of expensive election schemes that cost taxpayers and depend exclusively on confusing technology and unelected bureaucrats to manage it; and
  • The same RNC meeting, unanimously passed a Resolution to: "Officially Oppose Ranked-Choice Voting Across the Country and called on Congress, state legislators, and voters to oppose Ranked-Choice Voting in every locality and level of government and return elections to easier systems that worked for centuries for fair and transparent elections,” now,


The California Republican Party opposes the use of Ranked-Choice Voting in California elections and is committed to increasing voter's confidence in California's election process through easier and transparent systems that worked since California was founded.