Endorsed Candidates

On January 15, 2020, the Alameda County Republican Party endorsed the following candidates. 


Please check on your voter registration at this site for the Alameda County Registrar of Voters. Confirm on your Voter Profile that you are still registered correctly here:


You can also see who your current elected representatives are, and confirm which Congressional, State Senate, and State Assembly district you are in.


Now is the time to get involved in the campaign. Any donation of your time, any donation of your money, will go towards improving the government of Alameda County.

Republican Endorsed Candidates for Partisan Races:

Congressional District 13

Nikka Piterman 



Congressional District 15

Alison Hayden



Congressional District 17

Ritesh Tandon


State Senate District 7

Julie Mobley


State Assembly District 15

Jeanne Solnordal 


State Assembly District 16

Joseph Rubay


State Assembly District  18

Stephen Slauson


State Assembly District  20

Son Nguyen



State Assembly District  25

Bob Brunton

Non-Partisan Race

Zone 7 Water Board

Hugh Bussell



County Supervisor, District 1

David Haubert*



*The Alameda County Republican Party prefers David Haubert to all the other candidates running in this race. There are no registered Republicans among the candidates, and we can't endorse non-Republicans, but we feel that David most closely matches our philosophy of good governance.