Endorsed Candidates - 11/2020

Revised: 9/19/2020
The Alameda County Republican Party endorsed the following candidates for the November 2020 (10/31 - 11/3) General Election.
Check your voter registration with the Alameda County Registrar of Voters. Confirm that you are registered correctly: https://www.acgov.org/rovmvp_app/mvp.do That website lets you list your current elected representatives and confirm which Congressional, State Senate, and State Assembly district you are in. 
This is the final 60-day push of these shoe-string campaigns. Any donation of your time (phone banks or precinct walking) and especially money directly to them helps improve the government of Alameda County.

Endorsed Candidates for Partisan Races:

US House Representatives

Congressional District 13 - Nikka Piterman 


Congressional District 15 - Alison Hayden


Congressional District 17 - Ritesh Tandon

State Senator

State Senate District 7 - Julie Mobley


 ​​State Assembly

State Assembly District 16 - Joseph Rubay


State Assembly District  18 - Stephen Slauson

(No active website)

State Assembly District  25 - Bob Brunton

Non-Partisan Races

County Supervisor, District 1 - David Haubert **


Mayor of Union City - Jaime Patino


Mayor of Pleasanton - Jerry Pentin


City Council, Pleasanton -Vote For Up To 2

                     - Randy Brown


                     - Jack Balch **


BART Director, District 5 - Mike Wallace **

(No active website)


**The Alameda County Republican Party prefers some candidates to all the other candidates running in this race.  While we can't endorse non-Republicans, we feel that this candidate most closely matches our philosophy of good governance.   A candidate marked as preferred cannot claim a formal endorsement.