Endorsements - 6/2022

Rev.5/7/2022 - Your VOTE in this Primary helps get Republicans onto November Ballot

Check registration (status, party) with Alameda County: https://www.acgov.org/rovmvp_app/mvp.do 

Check registration (status, mailing address) with State: https://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/registration-status

Sign up to track your mailed ballot: https://california.ballottrax.net/voter/

Endorsements for June 7 Primary:

"Vote for Endorsed Republicans to get them on Top-Two November ballot, otherwise only Democrats will appear on November ballot.  The 4/23 State Convention helped fulfill the original Primary Election role, winnowing our Republican candidates to one or at most two per office.   Thus, the Two-Two Primary has become our de-facto General Election and we must pull behind only these endorsed or nominated Candidates to win an office."  - Harry Briley, AD16 Member

  • ACGOP = Endorsed by Alameda County Republican Central Committee [ACGOP follows CAGOP Endorsements for Statewide Races]
  • CAGOP = Endorsed by California Republican Party at 4/23/2022 State Convention

During the May push of Republican campaigns, any donation of your time (phone banks or precinct walking) and money directly to them helps improve the government of Alameda County.

US Senate - TWO contests, one seat - You can vote for same candidate for BOTH contests.  

  • One for the remainder of the current term ending January 3, 2023
  • Once the current term expires on 1/3/2023, one for a 6-year term ending January 3, 2029


  • Mark P Meuser - R                [CAGOP Endorsed]  Constitutional Attorney                 
  • Dr. Cordie Williams - R          [CAGOP Runner-Up] Doctor/Business Owner 

PARTIAL TERM (4 Republicans running for both contests, hoping to earn one of them)

  • Mark P Meuser - R                 [CAGOP Endorsed]  Constitutional Attorney 

US House Representatives (Congressional Districts within Alameda County) 
CD12 (Berkeley, Oakland, San Leandro) - To unseat very long-term Barbara Lee (D) 

  • Stephen Slauson - R           [ACGOP Endorsed] Electrical Engineer 

CD17 (South Fremont, Milpitas)

  • Ritesh Tandon - R                   [CAGOP Endorsed] Researcher, Entrepreneur, CEO

CD14 (Rest of Alameda County)       - To unseat long-term Eric Swalwell (D)

  • Steve Iyer - R                      [CAGOP Endorsed, ACGOP Endorsed] International Renewables Executive


  • DAHLE, BRIAN - R                 [CAGOP Endorsed] Senator, Farmer, Former Supervisor and Assembly Republican Leader
  • TRIMINO, ANTHONY D - R      [CAGOP Runner-Up]  Entrepreneur, CEO

Lt. Governor 

  • UNDERWOOD-JACOBS, ANGELA - R  [CAGOP Endorsed] Businesswoman, Deputy Mayor

Secretary of State                         - CAGOP Convention nominated but split 50/50

  • BERNOSKY, ROBERT E. -  R      [CAGOP Nominated] Chief Financial Officer
  • HAMM, RACHEL - R                  [CAGOP Nominated] Author


  • Lanhee Chen - R                     [CAGOP Endorsed] Fiscal Advisor, Educator 

Treasurer                                      - CAGOP Convention nominated but split 50/50

  • DO, ANDREW - R                    [CAGOP Nominated] Chief Financial Officer 
  • GUERRERO, JACK M  - R          [CAGOP Nominated] Councilmember, CPA, Economist, Former Mayor

Attorney General                          - To unseat Gov. Newsom appointee Rob Bonta (D)

  • HOCHMAN, NATHAN - R           [CAGOP Endorsed] General Counsel, Former U.S. Assistant Attorney General
  • EARLY, ERIC P. - R                   [CAGOP Runner-up] Attorney, Business Owner

Commissioner of Insurance          - CAGOP Convention nominated but split 50/50

  • Greg Conlon - R                      [CAGOP Nominated] Businessman, CPA, Former President and Commissioner of CPUC
  • Robert Howell - R                    [CAGOP Nominated] Cybersecurity Equipment Manufacturer 

Board of Equalization (Sales Tax Board) 
District 2 - Entire Bay Area, Alameda County, Contra Costa County

  • VERBICA, PETER C.  - R           [CAGOP Endorsed] Investment Advisor

State Senator (State Senate Districts within Alameda County)
Odd-Number Districts (SD5, SD7, SD9) are not up for a vote this year. 
SD 10 - South Hayward, Fremont, Milpitas

  • Paul Pimentel - R                   [CAGOP Endorsed] Father, Businessman, Pastor

State Assembly (Assembly Districts within Alameda County)

  • AD14 (Albany, Berkeley, Piedmont, Richmond)
    • SKIP                           No Republicans- Do NOT vote here, other votes count
  • AD16 (Mostly Tri-Valley)
    • Joseph Rubay - R       [CAGOP EndorsedACGOP Endorsed]  Small Business Owner
  • AD18 (Alameda, Emeryville, Oakland)
    • SKIP                           No Republicans- Do NOT vote here, other votes count
  • AD20 (Hayward, San Leandro, Union City, West parts of Dublin and Pleasanton)
    • Joe Grcar - R                Retired Lab Scientist, Only Republican running
  • AD24 (Fremont, Newark, Milpitas, Sunol)
    • Robert Brunton - R       [CAGOP Endorsed] Small Business Owner

Non-Partisan Races

See also: Candidate List - Registrar of Voters - Alameda County (acgov.org)

California Superintendent of Public Instruction (Office is Non-Partisan ... but hardly so with current curricula)             

  • Lance Ray Christensen - R     [CAGOP Endorsed] Education Policy Executive 
  • George Yang - R                   [CAGOP Runner-Up] Software Architect, Father

Alameda County Sheriff/Coroner

  • Gregory Ahern                    [CAGOP Endorsed, ACGOP Endorsed] Sheriff

City Races and Propositions occur in November

  • City Races (Mayor, etc) will occur in the November General Election.
  • ALL initiatives and propositions will ONLY occur in the November General Election this year.