Endorsed Candidates - 3/2022

Revised: 1/1/2022 - Placeholder for the 2022 Primary Election
The Alameda County Republican Party endorsed the following candidates for the March 2021 Primary Election.
Check your voter registration with the Alameda County Registrar of Voters. Confirm that you are registered correctly: https://www.acgov.org/rovmvp_app/mvp.do That website lets you list your current elected representatives and confirm which Congressional, State Senate, and State Assembly district you are in. 
This is the final 60-day push of these shoe-string campaigns. Any donation of your time (phone banks or precinct walking) and especially money directly to them helps improve the government of Alameda County.

Endorsed Candidates for Partisan Races:

US House Representatives

Congressional District 13 - 

Congressional District 15 - 

Congressional District 17 - 

State Senator

State Senate District 7 - 

 ​​State Assembly

State Assembly District 16 - 

State Assembly District  18 - 

State Assembly District  25 - 

Non-Partisan Races

County Supervisor, District 1 - 

Mayor of Union City -

Mayor of Pleasanton - 

City Council, Pleasanton -Vote For Up To 2 -

BART Director, District 5 - 


**The Alameda County Republican Party prefers some candidates to all the other candidates running in this race.  While we can't endorse non-Republicans, we feel that this candidate most closely matches our philosophy of good governance.   A candidate marked as preferred cannot claim a formal endorsement.