Propositions 11/2020

For our November 2020 General Election (10/31-11/03), the ACGOP agrees with the CAGOP for the following Propositions.   The rationale text, for the most part, comes directly from the CAGOP Initiatives Committee.   Many other web sites carry more detailed reasonings but there is commonality of opinion by most Republicans (except on Prop 19).

NO - Proposition 14 – Bonds for Stem Cell Research 
Stem cell research is leading to miraculous advancements in medicine, but borrowing $5.5 million dollars to fund programs that have already spent $3 billion dollars, with no real accountability during these difficult economic times is irresponsible.
NO - Proposition 15 – Property Tax Increase 
The largest property tax in state history will drive up the cost-of-living for all Californians. This measure decimates Prop 13 property tax protections.
NO - Proposition 16 – Government Preferences 
Only by treating everybody equally can a state as diverse as California be fair to everyone.
NO - Proposition 17 – Parolee Voting Rights 
Allows violent criminals who haven’t even completed parole to vote.
NO - Proposition 18 – 17-Year-Old Voting 
The federal and state government have set the age of legal responsibilities at 18. At 17, you still need a parent’s permission to go on a field trip.
VARIES - Proposition 19 – Transfer Property Tax Base
(Republican legislators in Sacramento are evenly divided on this.   Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association was originally in favor but changed to a NO vote.   Do your own research on proposition to understand why there is variance in opinion.)
YES - Proposition 20 – Strengthens Penalties for Violent and Property Crimes 
Rolls back Props 47 and 57, which have resulted in increased crime in California.
NO - Proposition 21 – Rent Control 
Allows for local governments to enact rent control. The CRP opposed a similar measure in 2018 and it was defeated.
YES - Proposition 22 – Gig Worker Classification
Allows UBER/LYFT/Door Dash workers to continue working flexible hours. This is a major step in undoing the job-killing AB5.
NO - Proposition 23 – Dialysis Clinics Consent 
This measure will drive up the cost of dialysis treatment, the CRP opposed a similar initiative in 2018 and it was defeated.
NO - Proposition 24 – Consumer Privacy Law 
Creates ANOTHER state agency to regulate businesses in California. The CRP opposed a similar measure in 2018 before it was removed from the ballot.
NO - Proposition 25 – Repeal Money Bail
Under the Governor’s Executive Order we have been temporarily operating under this system for a number of months and it’s been disastrous. Criminals are being released and committing crimes on the same day. If Prop 25 passes it will make it more difficult and dangerous for law enforcement to do its job.

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The Initiatives Committee met on July 23rd via Zoom to consider initiatives for support by the California Republican Party.  Committee members in attendance were Sam Blakeslee, Lanhee Chen, Philip Graham, Christine Hughes, Eddie Kouyoumdjian, Kevin Krick, Saulo Londono, Betsy Mahan, Maribel Marroquin, Assemblyman Jay Obernolte, Allison Olson, Susan Vander Schaaf, and Chairman Walt Allen.

The Alameda County Republican Central Committee later met to examine the recommendations and fully endorsed the Committee recommendations.

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