Propositions 11/2022

Even though Propositions only appear in 11/2022 General Election, the CA GOP decided during its 4/23/2022 State Convention.

Last checked 5/19/2022Source: Initiative and Referendum Qualification Status :: California Secretary of State

This list will be revised all Summer while gathering signatures.  Those that fail to gain enough signatures are removed from this list.

Petitions needing signatures within 180-day window to get on Ballot

For petition gathering questions (regardless of petition):



Initiatives with 25% of Signatures (Some might not get all required signatures)

1907. (21-0013) - No [CAGOP] Requires On-Site Licensed Medical Professional At Kidney Dialysis Clinics And Establishes Other State Requirements.

1911. (21-0017a1) - Allows Online And Mobile Sports Wagering.

1916. (21-0022a1) - No [CAGOP] Provides Funding For Pandemic Detection And Prevention By Increasing Tax On Personal Income Over $5 Million.

1921. (21-0027a1) - Eliminates Employees’ Ability To File Lawsuits For Monetary Penalties For State Labor-Law Violations.

1931. (21-0037a1) - No [CAGOP] Provides Funding For Programs To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions By Increasing Tax On Personal Income Over $2 Million.

1933. (21-0039a1) - Allows In-Person And Online Sports Wagering And Other New Types Of Gambling.

1935. (21-0042a1) - Yes [CAGOP] Limits Ability Of Voters And State And Local Governments To Raise Revenues For Government Services.

1936. (21-0043a1) - No [CAGOP] Raises Minimum Wage To $18

Initiatives Ready for 11/2022 Ballot after Signatures Verification

1930. (21-0036a1) - Tabled [CAGOP] Provides Additional Funding For Arts And Music Education In Public Schools. [CAGOP Convention tabled this because as of 4/23 they did not have enough info to be pro or con. The key phrase is "additional funding" and from which budget item.]

Initiatives on 11/2022 Ballot (These will get Proposition Numbers)

1892. (20-0003) - No [CAGOP] Referendum Challenging A 2020 Law Prohibiting Retail Sale Of Certain Flavored Tobacco Products. - (Yes Vote retains the 2020 State Law.)

1885. (19-0028a1) - No [CAGOP] Requires State Regulations To Reduce Plastic Waste, Tax Producers Of Single-Use Plastics, And Fund Recycling And Environmental Programs.

1886. (19-0029a1) - Authorizes New Types Of Gambling.


Seniors: If you are over 65, file with your local school district to waive locally passed property tax for schools (state-wide school taxes cannot be waved).   See your property tax bill to see if your school district offers a local exclusion to seniors.