Recall Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price

Resolution 2023-05A.  The Alameda County Republican Party Central Committee, resolved:


  • Violent crime and drug use are major problems in most parts of Alameda County, and
  • Newly elected Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price has explicitly stated her intention to “disrupt the system” by relaxing law enforcement and sentencing of convicted criminals, and
  • District Attorney Price has either fired, put on leave, or transferred as many as twenty-five prosecutors, including many of the top-rank prosecutors capable of handling complex cases, as well as firing two top investigators, this in a department that was already understaffed, and
  • District Attorney Price has created an unhealthy environment in the D.A.'s office, with seasoned attorneys worried about what they say or do in the courtroom or in the office that may end their career, and
  • While it is granted that the epidemic of crime and drug use is a multi-faceted problem that will not be solved merely by longer prison sentences, nevertheless, enforcement of the laws and jail time is an indispensable part of the solution, and
  • District Attorney Price received significant advertisement donations from California Justice and Public Safety PAC, a funding front for George Soros, a billionaire who is trying to reshape American society through his promotion of drug legalization and soft-on-crime District Attorneys across the country.


The Alameda County Republican Party Central Committee endorses the growing movement to recall Pamela Price as Alameda County District Attorney.

Published 5/17/2023