Education/Schools Team

3/16/2023- Click to access CAGOP Parent Revolt web site, a program within the California Republican Party focused on recruiting and supporting strong Republican candidates to run for local education offices, including County Boards of Education, Community College Boards, High School Boards, and Elementary or Unified School Boards.

Education/School Discussion/Planning for 2023: TBA

School District Board meetings on hot topics for 2023: TBA


School Board Training (FREE) - In Spring 2022, the Heritage Society offered training for those who are involved with local school boards.  Doug Miller signed up.  There are six sessions lasting 75 minutes each.  We do not yet have dates for a potential 2023 or 2024 offering.  The link here provides an outline of each session:

Ethnic Studies Curriculum - Xaviaer DuRousseau researched the California Department of Education web site to create a 3-page comparative chart.  Candidates and conservative activists need this chart to know useful talking points and concerns about each point.  Download his excellent document here: Ethnic Studies Curriculum (PDF)