Support Trump Campaign's Agenda 47

Resolution 2024-05 - The Alameda County Republican Party Central Committee, resolved:


  • Donald Trump appears to be Republican Nominee for President at the GOP Convention
  • has listed the 15 campaign issues and numerous public statements of Agenda 47 (47th President)
  • This Resolution is vital to inform the California GOP Convention Resolutions Committee this weekend


The Alameda County Republican Party Central Committee:

  • Affirms the Agenda 47 of the Trump Campaign for President.

Published 05/15/2024

See below for the summary of Agenda 47 issues and contents

Click on this link Agenda 47 | California MAGA to see the public statements of Agenda 47 and date he made each.

These public statements are driven by fifteen issues of Agenda 47

  1. Rebuild the Greatest Economy in History
  2. Fair Trade for American Worker
  3. Unleash Energy Dominance
  4. Secure Borders and Reclaim National Sovereignty
  5. Ware on the Drug Cartels
  6. Stop Crime and Restore Safety
  7. Renew American Strength and Leadership
  8. Reject Globalism and Embrace Patriotism
  9. Care for our Verterans
  10. Protect Parents' Rights
  11. Defend Law and Liberty
  12. End Censorship and Reclaim Free Speech
  13. Free, Honest, and Lawful Elections
  14. Drain the Swamp of Washington [DC] Corruption
  15. Better Health Care Choices at Lower Costs