Vote for Alison Hayden (CD14)

Why? Well, primarily because she’s not Eric Swalwell. Eric wants to be reelected, because he feels the only thing keeping inflation costs down are the Democrats, who simultaneously fund a proxy war on the other side of the world. News flash: the Democrats, in two years, have turned our economy into shambles, our immigration system into a joke and our foreign policy into a danger zone. Eric has been laser-focused on his own career. He actually had the temerity to run for President of the United States, garnering less than 1% support and dropping out. Meanwhile, he touts his big accomplishments: a footbridge in San Ramon and some funding for a park in Livermore. Alison Hayden is a candidate who will represent our district in Washington, not her own little castle in the sand. We must give her a try. What do we have to lose? Nothing. What do we have to gain? A bit of honor.

- Anthony Beckett, Pleasanton Resident - Published in The Independent 10/26/22