Livermore - Measure A

Measure A is a Parcel Tax on properties in Livermore and some environs in the Counties of Alameda and Contra Costa.

To vote, you must MAIL IN the ballot received by mail, before or on May 3 for this special vote-by-mail election.

  • If you want to renew the Parcel Tax vote yes.
  • If you want to prevent the extension of this specific Parcel Tax Vote no.
  • The parcel tax measure will require two-thirds yes votes to pass. 

This tax charges each parcel $138 per year for seven (7) years.  It replaces the former Measure G set to expire on June 30, 2022.

A string of expiring tax measures was first approved in 2004, then renewed in 2008 and renewed again in 2014.

The school district collects about $4 million each year from this Parcel Tax.

All funds are completely fungible regardless of intended allocations.

Here are the current School District administrative costs compared to other school districts:

     Superintendent total salaries

  • LVJUSD          $435,915.34
  • Los Angeles    $410,749.00
  • San Francisco $388,675.39
  • Pleasanton     $372,339.99
  • Sacramento    $395,992.22

It seems odd that this measure was not part of the June Primary election ballot.   So, please mail-in your ballot (or drop it off at the Livermore City Hall ballot repository) by May 3 for this stand-alone special election.