Alameda County Republican Party


Rev. 6/20/2024 - Our current meetings (Third Wednesdays 7pm) use ZOOM and hopefully by September in-person at 1039 MacArthur Blvd, San Leandro.   If you are concerned for health or currently ill, please ONLY attend via ZOOM.

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TOP PRIORITY - Sunol School Board members ask for help on the School Board RecallOneSunol | SGUSD Recall Opposition- The ballots were mailed to Sunol Voters to vote by JULY 2.  These two school board members ruled that only the United States and California flags may be flown on their school district flagpoles.

5/24 Update - The Recall Pamela Price Election scheduled for November General Election Ballot.   She remains in office despite the recall met signatures requirement.

Petition (Fresh Attempt) to Recall Newsom: Recall Governor Newsom (c/o Rescue California):  Petition Web Site


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The Alameda County Central Committee of the Republican Party is a formal elected body serving five Assembly Districts (of six Members each).  The six seated members and their alternates all reside within the Assembly District which they represent at the time of their election.  The leading Republican nominee who ran for a regional partisan office is an ex-officio member during that office's term.

Officers are internally elected every other January at a 4-hour organizational meeting (next occurs in January 2025).  All 30 seats are up next for election in the Spring Primary of Presidential Election year (March 2028) among candidates formally filing in 2027 with the Registrar of Voters in Oakland.  The newly constituted Central Committee will be seated in January 2025 and can thereafter also fill vacant seats and alternates by appointing Republicans residing within the given Assembly District of the vacant seat. 

California does not have Precinct Committeemen as a voting office.   We welcome volunteers who walk their local precincts. Please visit our volunteer page to sign up. 

We encourage participation in three allied Republican Party groups within Alameda County: East Bay Republican Club (EBRC, AD14 events), Tri-Valley Republicans (TVR, AD16 events), and Alameda Conservative Republican Patriots (ACRPatriots, AD18/AD20 events). 

If you are a constitutionalist (thus moderate or conservative), independent, or decline-to-state, please re-register as Republican.   That simple act would encourage potential Republican candidates to run within our five deep-blue Assembly Districts.