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    Thank you for Voting

    Thank you Conservatives for Voting !   We nearly doubled votes for Republicans than we had registered.  More than half of the "Decline to State" ("No Party Preference") appeared to vote for our Republican candidates.   THANK YOU !

    We had an unexpected high turnout compared to prior elections.   Nearly half the ballots arrived by mail in the final week. Of that Alameda County population, races for partisan offices were breaking approximately 70% Democrat to 30% Republican.
    We could certainly use all the conservative voters we can muster.   Please re-register as Republican to encourage candidates to run in this heavily tilted Blue County.   As a Republican, you can help us select those candidates in the March 2022 Primary.

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  • Counting Status (Update)

    UPDATE . . . . RESULTS as of 5pm 11/10/2020:

    Returns are updated as county process vote-by-mail and provisional during the 30-day canvass period. There are 9,400 mail-in ballots left to count
    An increase from 38% (as counted on election night) to 79% of eligible voters cast ballots (5% of which voted at the polls).

    This is an unexpected high turnout compared to prior elections.   Nearly half the ballots arrived by mail in the final week.

    There was a minor bump up of percentiles for Republicans as they counted through the mail-in ballots sent in the week of the election.

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  • Track your Ballot Works! - Also Protect The Vote (CA GOP)

    Track Your Ballot Here:


    (When I dropped my ballot off at the Livermore City Hall DropBox, it got to Oakland the very next day.   It appears that they pick up from the official heavy steel dropboxes daily.  Saves five days in the postal system.)

    Here is how to protect the vote (CA GOP site):




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  • Calling All Conservatives (Regardless of Party)

    Vote Republican (regardless of your Party) this October 31 through November 3, 2020.   Polling stations in the county will take your ballots over those FOUR days.   City Halls host ballot deposit lockboxes outside their front doors.  The same County election officials who pick up ballots from polling stations, pick up from these lockboxes.  These two options bypass the inevitable delays of postal mails.

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  • Urge Governor Newsom to veto SB 27

    Even Jerry Brown vetoed this dumb California bill, and Gavin Newsom should too

    Contact Governor Newsom today, and urge him to veto SB 27, referred to as the, "Presidential Tax Transparency Act and Accountability Act". It would require presdential candidates to release their tax returns if they want to appear on the ballot in California. Note that neither candidates for the US House of Representatives, like Nancy Pelosi, nor candidates for the US Senate, like Diane Feinstein would have to divulge their tax returns.

    The phone number for the Governor's office is:

    (916) 445-2841

    Or go to the following website and contact the Governor:


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    to all elected Republicans in Alameda, shame on you if you support the proposed revised health care bill. You don’t have a ounce of compassion in your body if you take care away from those that need it the most. To cut “billions” over the next 10 years from Medicaid only proves that you are selfish and prove you have no intention to make America great again for “all” only some. If health care workers treated you the way you treat others, you would finally understand. Your lack of compassion is pathetic.