Register to Vote

Rev. 3/1/2022 - Voter Registration Tables for 2024: TBA

  • Alameda County Fair - Needs On-Site Coordinator and Team split/share daily efforts for the Two Weeks of the Fair
  • Pleasanton Farmers Market - Needs On-Site Coordinator and Team to split/share the effort for weekly set-up

Register and Vote

Please register to vote as a Republican in Alameda County (Use Q-code below).   Do you nearly always vote for conservative causes but have not yet registered as a Republican?   We can get better candidates when they see more voters who register to vote as Republican.  It was not that long ago that California voted moderately conservative as a whole regardless of Party with a strong affinity to constitutional ideals.  Register today and vote for those ideals.

Register to Vote

Use the above Q-Code via your cellphone to access the Voter Registration web site, or just click the image to go to the CAGOP registration site.

Download this image, print out copies, and post them at your event to make it easy to register voters at your event. Just tell your visitors to scan the image with a cellphone to be taken to the site.