Recall Election (Governor)

Recall Newsome!



Who is Best Suited to Fix California? - Anybody!

Don't forget to vote Newsome out!

We have an election date!

Tuesday, September 14, 2021
We have PLENTY of reasons to recall California's most dictatorial and harmful governor ever!
This is a link to the slate of replacement candidates. There were 46 as of this page version!

Remember to vote YES to vote Newsome out!

Important dates:

August 16 Ballots mailed
August 30 Last day to register to vote
September 4 Some Vote Centers open
September 10 All Vote Centers open
September 14 Election Day
Your Ballot:
There will be only two questions on your ballot.
  1. Should Governor Newsom be recalled?  (YES!)
  2. Who should replace him?
If more than half of voters say "yes" to the first question, then the replacement candidate with the most votes is the new governor. With numerous candidates and no clear front-runner, it's possible that someone could win with a small percentage of the votes. The Party is expected to present a single endorsement because of this structure.

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