All in one place Election Results

The California GOP data team added 2022 General Election Vote History from their voter file to the Election Results Dashboard, which is now complete with the certified vote totals from the Secretary of State.  Best viewed on a computer or tablet here:

Observations about Alameda CountyRegistered Republicans: 11% of Voters (100K of 931K people) - County Republicans who Voted 57% - County Democrats who Voted 57%

One 2024 Goal to consider: Get the Alameda County Non-Republican 10% who voted Republican in 2022 to re-register as Republican.

Notes about the dashboard:

  • This dashboard has multiple pages and features that allow you to view contests in greater detail including registration toplines, votes cast by party toplines, historical election information, and more.
  • Hover over the map to see more details within each county where an election contest took place.
  • Use the “County Filter” to filter the entire dashboard for Alameda County
  • Select the “View Details” button in the top right corner of the main page of the dashboard to view election data and ballots cast details in table form.

- Harry Briley, Member AD16 (Prompted by CA GOP Data Team e-mail)