Laptop Wakeup Call

On March 16, the New York Times published an article which admitted that the Hunter Biden laptop revelations were real. Let this sink in. I’m not talking about the salacious trash about Hunter Biden’s perversions. The emails referring to corrupt deals with foreign governments from which Joe Biden benefited are significant, but not the real killer.

The heavy-handed suppression of this story by the New York Times, Washington Post, major TV networks, social media giants, and more, in a brazen effort to influence the election, should be very troubling to people, even if you don’t like Donald Trump. When the first story came out in the New York Post, not only did the legacy media not cover it, they called it “Russian disinformation,” without a scintilla of evidence. Twitter would not allow people to send links to the New York Post article in private messages.

Estimates have been made by pollsters of how many voters would not have voted for Biden had the story of the laptop gotten out. McLaughlin & Associates, a strategic consulting firm that conducts surveys for political campaigns, found 4.6 percent of Biden voters would’ve changed; the Polling Company says 17 percent. Clearly, it would’ve made a big difference — very likely an election-determining one.

Again, put aside what you think of Trump. What has happened to American democracy? What has happened to free speech? And what has happened to an American population that will accept this attack on our principles? Fortunately, there are many who are waking up.

— Hunter Cobb, Central Committee - Published in: Alameda Sun, 3/31/2022