Let's Rally the Temporary Republicans

Over the last several years I have expressed my angst at what's happened to the Democratic Party. In the days of FDR and JFK, one could be a Democrat and be pro-industry, pro-family, etc. and “social justice” meant social justice, not legalized crime. The party was generally a defender of working people and the little guy.  Today, it has become a party led by an elitist cabal of warmongers who racialize every issue and weaponize the security state to go after their political opponents. said former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard when she announced quitting the Democratic Party. It's worth watching.

Perhaps as striking, though less publicized is the podcast from liberal reporter Sasha Stone. She's a lifelong Democrat from the milieu of Hollywood, whose piece is titled, “Meet the Temporary Republicans.”  She calls on Democrats to vote Republican until the Democratic Party returns to liberalism, saying “Right now, they have become a puritanical cult that separates children from their parents, separates all of us from our biology, common sense, and rights under the Constitution.”

I myself quit the Democratic Party a year and a half ago. I'm active now with the Alameda County Republican Party, trying to get it shaped up for the challenges we face. Across the country this movement has many faces and many facets, but there is a growing recognition that the wars, the cultural intolerance, the legal harassment, on top of an economic breakdown, is just too much. Democrats have just gone beyond the beyond, and now it's time to act. Let's keep our wits about us and truly make this country great again!

- Hunter Cobb, Member - Letter to editor published in Alameda Sun, 10/21/2022