Political extremism is rising from both sides

Regarding “American Fascism on the Rise” (Insight, Jan. 2): I would say that extremism on the right and left is on the march. Both my parents remember Nazism and fascism really well. They heard the bombs falling and saw the destruction. They also were aware of concentration camps as a Jewish family lived in my grandparents’ house.

I grew up about five hours from the East German border. I had the opportunity to visit the Soviet Union in 1976. I saw little children marching in goose step just like in Nazi Germany. I also saw the Berlin Wall that prevented people from leaving the “workers' paradise.”

So, I believe in this Republic. I also believe in a multiparty system. Democrats have the White House, Senate and House. This is one-party rule.

Public safety is often equated with “law and order” and fascism is implied. This is wrong. I used to be able to travel around the Bay Area safely. I now cannot do so alone due to a disability.

Marianne Haas, Berkeley (CC Member), Letter to the Editor in 1/4/2022 San Francisco Chronicle eEdition