So Much for the Big Blue Wave!

It is hard to remember but less than two months ago the mainstream media was running numerous stories about “the big blue wave” that would sweep Republicans out to sea.  Instead, Republicans picked up 14 congressional seats including three in California!  And now Nancy Pelosi is fighting to maintain her position as Speaker of the House.

If you are a California Republican, there is reason to be optimistic.  We have just seen that vulnerable California Democrats can be defeated.  After the election, the far-left website Axios published a detailed story about Mr. Swalwell’s ties to a Chinese Communist spy.  In fairness to Swalwell, he was not only Bay Area Democrat who was targeted by this foreign agent.  However, he was the only targeted Democrat who serves on the House Intelligence Committee.

Eric Swalwell was also the first Democrat to drop out of the 2020 Presidential Primary because he attracted so little interest.

Is this Democrat congressman now vulnerable?  The answer is up to us.  In the next few months, we need to keep this issue alive by writing letters to the local press, attending Mr. Swalwell’s public events to ask him questions, search for competitive candidates and register Republicans to vote in 2022. 

And think about this:  Does Congressman Swalwell really represent his voters in the East Bay?  When was the last time Mr. Swalwell talked about local issues like crime, transportation, and the high cost of living is this area?  And does Mr. Swalwell still live in his district?

I suggest that he can and should be replaced in 2022.  -  Doug Miller, ACRP Vice Chairman