Solutions for Horrible Tragedy in Texas

I condemn this tragedy to the fullest.  I stand with the victims of this and other violent crimes.  However, I also condemn in the strongest terms the attacks on Republicans and gun owners by left wing politicians and certain members of the mainstream media.  As something needs to be done about this, I offer the following:

  1. Encourage Legislators to pass laws which attach an extra 20 years on top of a sentence for anyone who commits a crime using a deadly weapon.
  2. Encourage the Governor and President to use the laws we already have such as the Red Flag Laws to keep deadly weapons out of the hands of criminals and documented people with mental health disabilities. Families can play a significant part in dealing with this.
  3. Enable Law Enforcement Professionals to do their jobs efficiently.
  4. Enable schools to have armed Security Guards and enable training for them to react to school shootings.
  5. Use Federal and State funds to increase the physical security of school buildings and grounds.

- Marianne Haas, Secretary, Central Committee