Thank you for Voting

Thank you Conservatives for Voting !   We nearly doubled votes for Republicans than we had registered.  More than half of the "Decline to State" ("No Party Preference") appeared to vote for our Republican candidates.   THANK YOU !

We had an unexpected high turnout compared to prior elections.   Nearly half the ballots arrived by mail in the final week. Of that Alameda County population, races for partisan offices were breaking approximately 70% Democrat to 30% Republican.
We could certainly use all the conservative voters we can muster.   Please re-register as Republican to encourage candidates to run in this heavily tilted Blue County.   As a Republican, you can help us select those candidates in the March 2022 Primary.

Registration by Party:  966,180  registered and a large majority (80%) voted this election! Showing only those parties with more than 1% of the registrations

  • American Ind.  2%
  • Democratic      59%   + 9% of No Party = 68% ... which match results 
  • No Party          25% <-- Seem split 40/60 Liberal/Conservative
  • Republican      11%   + 16% of No Party = 27%  ... which match results