Truthfulness Not Ideology

Gil Michaels' “How to Celebrate 'No Thanksgiving'” (Nov. 25 Issue of Alameda Sun), demonstrates one thing. If you overly imbibe in daily “news” and commentary, you can lose touch with reality. The effort to vilify Donald Trump and his supporters has gone from an obsession into pagan ritual.

OK, there may be a few wild-eyed libertarians out there who support Donald Trump, but that is the extreme caricature. The reason so many middle American workers have abandoned the Democratic Party is because it's a mess. Trump defended the interests of American workers, promoted energy production, both fossil fuels and nuclear, got Americans back into space, and promoted fair trade policies, among other things. This is not Ayn Rand!

He never promoted Ayn Rand, as far as I know, but he did promote Alexander Hamilton and Abraham Lincoln. He even advocated a return to the Glass-Steagall law of Franklin Roosevelt! Where was your commentary on that Mr. Michaels?  The truth is a bit more complex than Mr. Michaels and his true believers want to see. A bit more truthfulness and generosity, and less ideology would be helpful for all.

-Hunter Cobb, ACRP Attendee - Published in Alameda Sun, 11/29/2021