Vote Timing and Drop Box Tactics

With mailed ballots, consider timing options.   Early ballots mean people will put the ballot aside to 'get to it later' and then forget to vote.   If you are forgetful, act immediately and use our voter web pages.

Otherwise, consider a delay signing your ballot to first week of November or deliver in-person at any Precinct in Alameda County on November 8.   The ROV sells demographic counts of ballots received-to-date.  All Parties and the Media use this data for their Get-Out-The-Vote efforts.

If physically able, your use of the drop box in front any City Hall removes the US Mail from the loop.   Sign up with Ballot Trax to confirm when your ballot arrives at the Oakland counting center.

- Harry Briley, CC Member, AD 16 with idea prompt from Mindy Pechenuk, CC Member and Assembly Candidate, AD18