Don’t worsen division by signing Sunol petition

The petitioning has begun to remove two members of the Sunol school board. Emotions have been whipped up for or against flying the gay pride flag. Let’s consider what’s really going on here.  Anyone decent wants children to feel safe and supported emotionally at school. We don’t want kids being bullied and harassed by their classmates. That’s one thing. Very laudable. Quite another thing is for children to be surrounded by a cultural crusade of sexualization, of whatever variety. School is a precious time to develop children’s minds and to assist families in developing children’s maturing emotions.  Does the pride flag represent the benign supportive message or the sexual crusade? I believe many advocates of the flag advertise the former, while their intent is the latter. Consider this before signing a petition and adding to the fury.

Hunter Cobb, Member - Published in East Bay Times, Letters to the Editor 1/21/2024