Support the Initiative to Repeal the Death Tax

Resolution 2023-09A - The Alameda County Republican Party Central Committee, resolved:


  • The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association (HJTA) has made available the official petition to the Repeal the Death Tax initiative on the November 2024 ballot.
  • This important initiative will restore the ability of parents to transfer their home and a limited amount of other property to their children without any change to the property tax bill.
  • It will restore the same rights for grandparents if the children's parents are deceased.
  • The constitutional rights that Californians had for decades were taken away by Proposition 19, which passed narrowly in 2020
  • Voters were told that Prop. 19 was a protection for wildfire victims and for seniors who wanted to move to a new home. Prop. 19 was the largest property tax increase in California history,
  • The Repeal the Death Tax initiative will restore the protections that Prop. 19 took away and will not change the other parts of Prop. 19
  • It will be retroactive, meaning people whose property was reassessed for a parent-child transfer will be able to get their property's original trended base-year value (under Prop. 13) back again, as if the reassessment had not taken place.


The Alameda County Republican Party Central Committee

  • Fully supports the Repeal the Death Tax effort.
  • Urges [everyone] to visit the website to download the Petition and to share it widely to reach the goal of one million signatures by January 16, 2024.
  • Defends our rights as Californians for private property, to help families build [economic] security for the next generation and to work towards a more efficient, less intrusive government.

Published 9/20/2023