Abolish Federal Reserve, Restore Sovereignty with National Banking, and Stop Drive for Central Bank Digital Currency

Resolution 2023-05C.  The Alameda County Republican Party Central Committee, resolved:


  • The Federal Reserve has been an instrument of economic control and a general impediment to real development of the nation since its founding in 1913, and
  • The economic and banking crisis we are in now, accelerating since the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, is largely the result of bad policies of the Federal Reserve, which will not be corrected by its current strategy of raising interest rates, and
  • The United States (U.S.) has in its history an alternative, Constitutional method of successful credit generation for productive enterprises, namely National Banking, as pioneered by Alexander Hamilton, and later used by Abraham Lincoln, and
  • Proposals to move the U.S. to Central Bank Digital Currency would do nothing to improve the physical economy of the nation, but would allow violation of citizens' basic rights of privacy,


The Alameda County Republican Party Central Committee calls on the California Congressional delegation to introduce legislation to end the Federal Reserve and replace it with a National Bank with a gold-reserve standard, as we had between 1944 and 1971, and that no Central Bank Digital Currency be allowed.

Published 5/17/2023