Border Outrage Spreading - Funds sought

According to The Washington Post, ICE removed fewer than 3,000 criminal illegal aliens in April 2021. This is the lowest monthly enforcement number since the department began keeping records 200,000 illegals crossed the Border in March alone and these illegals come from over 70 countries round the world.  And worse, thousands of Migrants, Including these criminals and the Covid infected are being BUSED and FLOWN all over the USA DAILY at Taxpayer expense, as this CIS report indicates.

Among those Californians sponsoring one or more Amnesty bills are Reps. Ted Lieu,(CA-33rd) Senator Alex Padilla,(CA) Reps. Raul Ruiz,(CA-36th)  Juan Vargas,(CA-51st) Barbara Lee,(CA-13th)  Tony Cárdenas,(CA-29th)  Reps Grace Napolitano,(CA-32nd)  Ro Khanna,(CA-17th) and Sara Jacobs,(CA-53rd)

Fortunately CCN and our ASAP! Coalition allies with Activists in nearly all states! is leading the growing opposition to this outrage.  A Generous Major Donor is going to match all Donations from existing Donors up to $5000.

- David Durham, AD15 Central Committee member