So Much for the Big Blue Wave!

It is hard to remember but less than two months ago the mainstream media was running numerous stories about “the big blue wave” that would sweep Republicans out to sea.  Instead, Republicans picked up 14 congressional seats including three in California!  And now Nancy Pelosi is fighting to maintain her position as Speaker of the House.

If you are a California Republican, there is reason to be optimistic.  We have just seen that vulnerable California Democrats can be defeated.  After the election, the far-left website Axios published a detailed story about Mr. Swalwell’s ties to a Chinese Communist spy.  In fairness to Swalwell, he was not only Bay Area Democrat who was targeted by this foreign agent.  However, he was the only targeted Democrat who serves on the House Intelligence Committee.

Eric Swalwell was also the first Democrat to drop out of the 2020 Presidential Primary because he attracted so little interest.

Is this Democrat congressman now vulnerable?  The answer is up to us.  In the next few months, we need to keep this issue alive by writing letters to the local press, attending Mr. Swalwell’s public events to ask him questions, search for competitive candidates and register Republicans to vote in 2022. 

And think about this:  Does Congressman Swalwell really represent his voters in the East Bay?  When was the last time Mr. Swalwell talked about local issues like crime, transportation, and the high cost of living is this area?  And does Mr. Swalwell still live in his district?

I suggest that he can and should be replaced in 2022.  -  Doug Miller, ACRP Vice Chairman

Run, Conservatives, Run

No, not run away, but run for office! We need to build up our “Farm Team” of conservatives with experience whom we can vote in for County and State Offices. This training ground often starts at Citizen panels, City Councils, School Site Committees, School Boards, Water and Park Districts. If you have a passion for schools , parks, or your local city, start by regularly attending existing meetings of such committees and boards. That prepares you to be up on the front table behind the microphone when YOU get elected! Your volunteering for local governing committees and boards gives us reasons to push your name forward for higher office. So, papa, do run run! (OK, that dates me. LOL!) - Harry Briley, AD16, Republican Central Committee

Members and Alternates Dues

Please pay your dues for 2021 so you will be able to vote. - The easiest way to do this is to go here and pay your $52 regular member dues or $26 alternate member dues: -  When you do this, please ALSO send an email to [email protected] to let us know. - Thanks,  Hugh

Thank you for Voting

Thank you Conservatives for Voting !   We nearly doubled votes for Republicans than we had registered.  More than half of the "Decline to State" ("No Party Preference") appeared to vote for our Republican candidates.   THANK YOU !

We had an unexpected high turnout compared to prior elections.   Nearly half the ballots arrived by mail in the final week. Of that Alameda County population, races for partisan offices were breaking approximately 70% Democrat to 30% Republican.
We could certainly use all the conservative voters we can muster.   Please re-register as Republican to encourage candidates to run in this heavily tilted Blue County.   As a Republican, you can help us select those candidates in the March 2022 Primary.

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Counting Status (Update)

UPDATE . . . . RESULTS as of 5pm 11/10/2020:

Returns are updated as county process vote-by-mail and provisional during the 30-day canvass period. There are 9,400 mail-in ballots left to count
An increase from 38% (as counted on election night) to 79% of eligible voters cast ballots (5% of which voted at the polls).

This is an unexpected high turnout compared to prior elections.   Nearly half the ballots arrived by mail in the final week.

There was a minor bump up of percentiles for Republicans as they counted through the mail-in ballots sent in the week of the election.

Track your Ballot Works! - Also Protect The Vote (CA GOP)

Track Your Ballot Here:

(When I dropped my ballot off at the Livermore City Hall DropBox, it got to Oakland the very next day.   It appears that they pick up from the official heavy steel dropboxes daily.  Saves five days in the postal system.)

Here is how to protect the vote (CA GOP site):



Urge Governor Newsom to veto SB 27

Even Jerry Brown vetoed this dumb California bill, and Gavin Newsom should too

Contact Governor Newsom today, and urge him to veto SB 27, referred to as the, "Presidential Tax Transparency Act and Accountability Act". It would require presdential candidates to release their tax returns if they want to appear on the ballot in California. Note that neither candidates for the US House of Representatives, like Nancy Pelosi, nor candidates for the US Senate, like Diane Feinstein would have to divulge their tax returns.

The phone number for the Governor's office is:

(916) 445-2841

Or go to the following website and contact the Governor:

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SB-419 Lets Students Willfully Defy Their Teachers

California could soon ban schools from suspending ‘unruly’ students

This bill will prevent Teachers from suspending defiant students.  Students can be disruptive and refuse to work without consequences.  According to this bill, Teachers still can remove disruptive students.  However, many Administrators and office staff will send the students back to the classroom. These students will have a very hard time in the world of work as employers will not put up with disrespect and disruptive behavior. It is in the students’ best interest, (especially minority students and students with disabilities) to learn in a structured environment. Also, students should be encouraged to show proper respect to Teachers.

Please write letters to the editors, call your legislators, contact parent groups and go to school board meetings.  We absolutely have to stop this.  If students can be defiant and disobediant and refuse to follow instruction, they are not learning the life skills they are going to need to work in life.