Mindy Responds (Candidate for AD18)

The last two weeks there have been letters commenting on my campaign for State Assembly 18 and my opposition to Senate Bill (SB) 57, which would’ve enabled legal access to fentanyl, heroin, and other drugs in regulated “safe injection sites.” I would like to clarify Hunter Cobb’s response (“Vote for Mindy; End the drug culture,” Sept. 1; https://alamedasun.com/letters/16030), that I do not think this matter is resolved. I fully expect Governor Gavin Newsom, Assemblywoman Mia Bonta and State Senator Scott Wiener, to bring it up again in a modified form. I intend to continue the fight not only to stop SB57, but to get rid of the drug culture. We need to help our fellow citizens get off the drugs and become productive contributors to our future.

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End the Drug Culture

On August 22, Governor Gavin Newsom vetoed Senate Bill (SB) 57, which would’ve opened the door to legal drug dens in Oakland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. He clearly felt the pressure not to allow further expansion of the drug culture. This included from State Assembly candidate Mindy Pechenuk who is running against State Assemblywoman Mia Bonta, one of the co-sponsors of SB57.

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Resolution: Against targeting Trump

RESOLUTION: "The Alameda County [Central Committee of the Republican] Party condemns the unprecedented legal abuses by the FBI, the DOJ, and the Federal Judges targeting President Trump.  This perversion of government institutions for political purposes must cease."  (Passed with 2/3rds Vote on 8/17/2022)

Solutions for Horrible Tragedy in Texas

I condemn this tragedy to the fullest.  I stand with the victims of this and other violent crimes.  However, I also condemn in the strongest terms the attacks on Republicans and gun owners by left wing politicians and certain members of the mainstream media.  As something needs to be done about this, I offer the following:

  1. Encourage Legislators to pass laws which attach an extra 20 years on top of a sentence for anyone who commits a crime using a deadly weapon.
  2. Encourage the Governor and President to use the laws we already have such as the Red Flag Laws to keep deadly weapons out of the hands of criminals and documented people with mental health disabilities. Families can play a significant part in dealing with this.
  3. Enable Law Enforcement Professionals to do their jobs efficiently.
  4. Enable schools to have armed Security Guards and enable training for them to react to school shootings.
  5. Use Federal and State funds to increase the physical security of school buildings and grounds.

- Marianne Haas, Secretary, Central Committee

Support our CD14 Candidate to unseat Swalwell

TAKE ACTION NOW! OUR CANDIDATE NEED YOU! - [[ Revised 9/2/22 for General Election ]]

Our Republican candidate for CD-14 needs our support. And she needs it now! We must have a chance in the General Election on Nov 8th, to unseat Eric Swalwell!

She needs campaign donations, phone banking, precinct walking, signs put out. All are easy efforts and as little or as much as you can do will help greatly!

Alison Hayden:      www.alison4congress.com        and      [email protected]

                             1 (510) 246-9061                              Twitter: @Alison4Congress

                             Instagram: RealAlison4Congress          Donations to: FundHero on website

- Leslie Jones, Central Committee Alternate