Mass Border Crossings - Huge Impacts

While legal immigration and illegal border crossings are under federal control, recent mass border crossings directly affects California, including Alameda County. There a huge difference between legal immigration and unmanaged mass border crossings that overwhelm our County and City infrastructures. Please check out the Population-Environment Balance recent essay titled: "200,000+ Illegals, 5% having Covid, swarmed into USA in March but Amnesty's likely cost would be $1.3 Trillion, not counting Environmental effects" at
- David Durham, Central Committee (AD15)

Standing With, and Standing Against

The following is adapted from a speech delivered by Hugh Bussell, Chairman, Alameda County Republican Party, at Dublin, California, on March 28th, 2021, at the event, "Stop Asian Hate! Stop Anti-Asian Violence! Tri-Valley Unites!

Standing With, and Standing Against

Today I am here representing the Alameda County Republican Party to show you that we are Standing With you, our Asian American Pacific Islander community, and standing against hate.

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Moderates- Need to Stay with Party

"[T]raditional moderate conservatives [should] stay] in the [Republican P]arty. . . . As the current California crises clearly demonstrate, unlimited one-party (in this case Democratic) rule is a bad thing. . . . . While . . . many traditional moderate conservatives feel alienated from the current Republican Party, abandoning it will only make matters worse. Not only will a smaller Republican Party become even more conservative, it will result in increased power of the Democratic Party extremists, worsening the negative consequences of the current one-party Democratic rule." - David Rosenthal, Central Commitee  [Excerpted from Letter to Editor in SF Chronicle 2/19/21]

California Republican Party - Spring Convention

The Spring 2021 Organizing Convention of the California Republican Party occurs this weekend – February 19 – 21. It meets twice a year. Delegates come from Central Committees and exOfficio members who ran for office in 2020.  The web site now lists the CAGOP Candidates, Schedule of Events, and ByLaw Change Proposals - See:  Invited Speakers are: Senator Rick Scott - FL, Political Analyst Karl Rove, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik - NY, and Governor Kristi Noem - SD

Regular Meeting - Visitors Please RSVP

A word about our Visitor RSVP system for Regular Meetings on the Events page.   We assume all elected members will show up.   However, visitors, PLEASE click on the RSVP button to register as a visitor,   That way, our Chairman can anticipate your arrival and let you into the Zoom meeting.   Thus, the count of RSVP people in the Events page reflects how many visitors, excluding our many elected members and their official alternates.

Register Soon for CA GOP Convention - Early Bird prices

If you plan to attend the California GOP Spring Convention (via ZOOM), see this web link for schedule and early bird rates. -

$75 registration, $75 Friday speaker, $75 Saturday speaker - These early bird prices end at 5pm on 2/3.   I do nto know what the late-registrations will cost, but they appear to accept right through the event.

If you are a delegate, register for an advance voting training session since we are using ZOOM instead in person ballots.

Jan 17 rallies not touted as peaceful

I am preaching to the choir here, but I post for anyone else seeking our website for confirmation whether upcoming 1/17 rallies are Republican sponsored.  They are not so sponsored.  There is nationwide attempts to rally in a violent way at the State Capitals (or at least some of them) this Sunday.   There  has already been a conservative rally in Tracy on 1/2 and in Sacramento on 1/6.   The proposed new rallies are laced with terms of vengeance and physical conflict.   I discourage promoting a violent clash of any sort.  The upcoming rallies are not advertised as peaceable assemblies.  This data comes too late for our Central Committee to vote on a group-worded blog, so I can only speak for myself as sub-chairman of the AD-16 area (Tri-Valley).  

New Year’s Resolution: Recall Newsom

Some New Year’s Day good news!  It is highly likely that Governor Gavin Newsom will face a special recall election this November.  Over 900,000 California residents have signed the petition to recall the governor.  On 12/31, the Los Angeles Times pulled back the curtain on Governor Newsom’s relationship with Sacramento lobbyist Jason Kinney.  It was Kinney’s recent birthday party at the French Laundry that increased momentum for the recall effort.  See:

Adding your name to the recall is easy!  Download the 8.5 by 11 version of the petition, watch the short instruction video, print it, and mail it in.  You can add four of your like minded friends to the same document (if same county).  See:

Happy New Year!   Doug Miller, ACRP Vice Chairman